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Spring cleaning

Scrubbing the slate this morning.  On my hands and knees.  I LIKE cleaning that has a good result (as opposed to one that does not, like, for instance, trying to vacuum with a plugged up vacuum tube or the nearly useless task of trying to get burnt popcorn off the bottom of a pot).  Grime on slate cleans up beautifully.  As does the grout.  I used an abrasive cleanser, a toothbrush, a bleach pen, an old body brush and elbow grease.  The only trick was making sure that Jack didn’t walk through it while I worked.

Inside and outside don’t look that different today.  This is the blue stone pad outside our side door this morning.

Next days are crowded… A commission to start.  A shop appointment to prepare for.  A missing item sold on Etsy to find (oh, St. Anthony, St. Anthony come to me now!).  Not to mention the four file folders of applications for various services that I will be sorting through with my sister tomorrow.

So, it is time to get busy and keep myself away from the screen for a bit!