Denim for shadows; Peter Pan

Week 2 Quilt

Week 2 Quilt

To satisfy the revised rule of including one fabric from the previous week’s quilt, I used the navy blue with white dots.  As it happens, given that I found the little house all stitched up and ready to go on the floor — I also satisfied the supplanted rule of using fabric from there.  The piece is machine and hand-quilted and about 10″ x 13″.  It is not bound.  The backing of the quilt was laid down right side up, and left exposed for about 1/4″ all around.  I am still trying to find a way to not bind everything that I make.

One of the Faith Quilts is now pieced.  It turns out the canvas that I fed through my inkjet and printed the collage onto does not take heat well — it warped when I tried to iron the seams.  I don’t like the quilt, partly because I don’t like the feel of this plastic-y canvas, partly for design reasons, but I won’t let that stop me from finishing it.  Picture to come.  I can’t help but see the creative process as parallel to where I am at with faith/optimism/thoughts of the future.  I am also working on rearranging THOSE pieces.

This week, I will be helping my neighbor sew costumes for the elementary school’s production of Peter Pan.  It is good to be in the company of other sewers!  She brought out a huge box of threads that a neighbor had given her (when the neighbor’s tailoring dad died) and we both just oohed and aahed over it for a good long while.  How many people can you do that with?  And, it gets better.  Not only did we share this moment which few could have understood, she offered to share her booty!!  I will sparingly pick a few spools — the family of greens was particularly tempting.  A truly generous and completely unexpected gesture…

Also, it suits my poor garment-making skills to create clothing that need not stand up to wear and only has to look good at a distance.  Ruth is so skilled that she is (to some degree) casting pearls before swine.  Not that these young thespians are swine, mind you, but Wendy’s nightgown certainly doesn’t need french-tailored seams. Nor does Mrs. Darling need a reconstructed Victorian embroidered gown made with silk organza. It does my heart good to know that even someone with Ruth’s skills will resort to a glue gun when schedule dictates.

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