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Privilege Progression – quilt slide show

One of the reasons I like to machine stitch some of the seams on bigger quilts is so that I can cycle through variations and ideas faster. The many phases of a design get lost along the way, and I’ve always thought that was kind of a shame (especially when the ‘best’ version is say, #7, while the finished version is #14!).

If I captured even a fraction of the process it would become clear why a quilt can take so many months to create.  And, the hope is that a process that is inherently frustrating will be less so if there is a visual record. What would I learn?  We shall see.

Lately I’ve begun to think that I just want to ARRANGE fabric, TAKE A PICTURE, and call it a day. That’s the other extreme… but what IF the product were purely digital?!

In the meantime, here is  ‘White House of Privilege’ morphing into something else. The White House has flown elsewhere. To be continued.

I will count this first stab at creating a slide show as a major victory on a day where the computer crashed and my photo uploading developed (new! interesting!) problems.

Adding mountains, vines. Finding hearts.

This small landscape was simple and now is less so. Adding black sheer along the horizon to suggest hills, but they look like roof tops as well. Another two houses crept in on the left, but since those structures share fabric with the hillside behind them, they are a little ambiguous.

20130910-133336.jpgAnd this was the White House of Privilege (in response to the Zimmerman acquittal), then it became three other houses, and now it’s looking like it’ll be just be a pair (neither the original ‘White House’). Vines have crept in.

The vines were inspired by fiber artist Kit Lang who made two Trayvon Martin quilts, one of which she titled, “Strange Fruit” after the famous Billy Holiday song about lynching. Kit’s comments and questions to me about using fiber art to express outrage and grief were provocative, and I appreciated her feedback and willingness to go a little deeper with me on the topic of race and privilege.

And this piece of garbage caught my eye walking home from the periodontist this morning.  As blogging continues to be a challenge (ongoing tech-glitches and other obligations — nothing new or out of the ordinary), I shall use this found heart to wish you all a peaceful, uplifting week.

house evolving

A muggy and grey day with a visit to the periodontist slated early (have no fear — only stitch-removal!)

The Trayvon Martin quilt (blogged earlier here) — “White House of Privilege” — and its intended background have both changed enough that they no longer partner well together. More on that later, but for now — how the house is evolving . . .


early stages of White House of Privilege

I added more strips of blue flanking the house, to make it stand out more. White pickets were added to the foreground later.


more detail on the house

“but there’s no living thing…”*

possible inhabitant

possible inhabitant

This house has a personality, but I want it to have some living creatures associated with it. The seams on the roof please me. The door needs a doorknob.

What could go in this house? I need more patience.

Maybe I’ll name this cat, “Patience”, and let her be the guardian of the place.

*that’s what D said when I showed him the almost-finished Village Quilt I’d made for his bed. I added some cats.