Adding mountains, vines. Finding hearts.

This small landscape was simple and now is less so. Adding black sheer along the horizon to suggest hills, but they look like roof tops as well. Another two houses crept in on the left, but since those structures share fabric with the hillside behind them, they are a little ambiguous.

20130910-133336.jpgAnd this was the White House of Privilege (in response to the Zimmerman acquittal), then it became three other houses, and now it’s looking like it’ll be just be a pair (neither the original ‘White House’). Vines have crept in.

The vines were inspired by fiber artist Kit Lang who made two Trayvon Martin quilts, one of which she titled, “Strange Fruit” after the famous Billy Holiday song about lynching. Kit’s comments and questions to me about using fiber art to express outrage and grief were provocative, and I appreciated her feedback and willingness to go a little deeper with me on the topic of race and privilege.

And this piece of garbage caught my eye walking home from the periodontist this morning.Β  As blogging continues to be a challenge (ongoing tech-glitches and other obligations — nothing new or out of the ordinary), I shall use this found heart to wish you all a peaceful, uplifting week.

2 thoughts on “Adding mountains, vines. Finding hearts.

  1. Kit Lang

    I’m glad our conversation was helpful in some small way. It was very helpful to me too. πŸ™‚

    “Strange Fruit: Stand Your Ground” has sold now,and as the buyer was local he and I were able to have a long conversation about the piece and cry together – a mutually beneficial act, I think.

    I really appreciated our conversation. Thank you!

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