Collage Journals — YoYo Brooch


This page celebrates brown tones and rust colors and reminds me I have been meaning to make some fabric yo-yo’s (i.e. puckered disks of fabric) — above, clustered in a decorative pin on what look like linen overalls!

Here’s a site worth a visit in any case, but if you want to know how to make yo-yo’s, Heather Bailey‘s tutorial is clear and easy to follow.

2 thoughts on “Collage Journals — YoYo Brooch

  1. turningturning

    Yo yos were my first post-surgery project last year, because I could largely sit in one place with a pillow and crank out dozens of them in a sitting. I am loving these collage journal spreads and am so glad you’re sharing them.

  2. deemallon

    I am still exploring your blog, turning, and enjoying it — I love today’s post about portability!

    Back to visual journals — one of the things I like about glue and paper is — it’s fast. And, when making long-term projects like a quilt, doing something fast feels like a necessary break.

    Have you looked at Sabrina Ward Harrison’s site — (she’s on my side bar) — one thing she says, is to ‘create what you most need’ —

    Well, sts. what I create is all ‘dark and twisty’ (ugh, yes, I watch Grey’s Anatomy) and that’s all well and good b/c it needs expressed, but sts. I like to create something that I want to look at, love looking at — and that’s how my visual journals always start…

    (even if they end up dark and twisty, sts., too….)


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