Gloomy June, now Gloomy July

quilt-ideaAnother studio shot.

This one from the bulletin board — a photoshopped picture of one of my boys from a few years back.  I think it would translate into a great quilt.

Unexpected guests have delayed finishing my two commissions.  I ALWAYS can find reasons to delay finishing (usually, it’s by beginning something else!) — but for some reason this week (IS IT THE RAIN?!!!),  I am not starting anything new, so the Not Finishing is turning into Not Working.

It’s okay.  Caught up with several friends.  Have been a single parent for the last three weeks (K. was in Saudi Arabia).   That changes the calculus.  And yesterday, I grabbed a couple of consecutive dry hours to mow the lawn and weed and prune things.  (I hardly remember what a passion gardening usually is this time of year!)

Now, of course, it is pouring.  Thunder sends Little Jack under blankets!

Love to hear what you think!

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