What do you WANT?


What do you want?

I have been asking myself this lately with renewed desire for clarity…

More on that later, perhaps, as it relates to my craft work, but for now, let me say, I want a couple of days of sunshine.  The photos below were taken in my garden at midday, after a grey morning, and before an afternoon filled with thunder and some spattering of rain.




I want to go to the beach.  I want to wander into the backyard and not get wet.  I want the driveway beds to smell fresh, not like rotting vegetation.  I want to be able to dash out the door in short sleeves, unencumbered by umbrella or slicker.  I want to use the grill again.

Happy July 4, everyone!  I’ll be attending Newton’s fireworks tomorrow, which are always great.  And guess what?  I hear it’s not going to rain!

What do YOU want?

PS  The quilt shot above is from a piece called “Valentine to Iraq” — in the brief spasm of sunshine today I managed to take pictures of a number of quilts.  Look tomorrow for images.

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