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Things moving and growing

Even though it was cold again today, Finn and I had a good walk. We have taught him to “spin” and continue to challenge him with nose work outside, which he absolutely loves.

The comfrey is stately, vigorous. Soon it will flop down.

Later, I am planning to make a flourless chocolate cake for a friend’s birthday. Writing and conferring about writing went well today.

The heavens are about stitched down. I will need to get some more black thread.

In other words, life continues apace and while “bouncing back” would be an overstatement for the day, it’s not far off.


IMG_0061Here is a conceptual nine patch. It is about all I have time for now.
IMG_0062 I am intrigued by how radically an image can be altered, just by changing how  much light gets in.
IMG_0063IMG_0068This little landscape moves from left to right in installments like a comic book.  I like finding the mountains, lakes, and moons in the fabrics. I like including time as an element in the story of the cloth.








front yard


back fence

I am in and out of town one more time — so blogging will be more intermittent than usual until after Labor Day. Enjoy the last days of summer!

What do you WANT?


What do you want?

I have been asking myself this lately with renewed desire for clarity…

More on that later, perhaps, as it relates to my craft work, but for now, let me say, I want a couple of days of sunshine.  The photos below were taken in my garden at midday, after a grey morning, and before an afternoon filled with thunder and some spattering of rain.




I want to go to the beach.  I want to wander into the backyard and not get wet.  I want the driveway beds to smell fresh, not like rotting vegetation.  I want to be able to dash out the door in short sleeves, unencumbered by umbrella or slicker.  I want to use the grill again.

Happy July 4, everyone!  I’ll be attending Newton’s fireworks tomorrow, which are always great.  And guess what?  I hear it’s not going to rain!

What do YOU want?

PS  The quilt shot above is from a piece called “Valentine to Iraq” — in the brief spasm of sunshine today I managed to take pictures of a number of quilts.  Look tomorrow for images.