IMG_0061Here is a conceptual nine patch. It is about all I have time for now.
IMG_0062 I am intrigued by how radically an image can be altered, just by changing how  much light gets in.
IMG_0063IMG_0068This little landscape moves from left to right in installments like a comic book.  I like finding the mountains, lakes, and moons in the fabrics. I like including time as an element in the story of the cloth.








front yard


back fence

I am in and out of town one more time — so blogging will be more intermittent than usual until after Labor Day. Enjoy the last days of summer!

9 thoughts on “transitions

  1. saskia

    like, correction: love your landscape in cloth; am inspired to try something similar, i.e. finding the elements one by one,stitching a comic-in-cloth

    1. deemallon

      thanks, Saskia… a textured silk with some color that I dipped into an indigo vat two summers ago has the perfect amount of suggestive shapes… you make beautiful hand dyes all the time, so it shouldn’t be hard to find cloth that will offer this for you!

  2. maggros

    I too love this landscape. The cloud above the landscape-frames evoke a continuous horizon, and the suns in the landscape-frames anchor a timeless tracking of time as they kind of repeat with a such a gentle ticking (tick tick tock tick) in the horizontal sections of landscape – SO beautiful! Also the big sun reads to me as a reflection, they way it is situated as one whole frame – I just LOVE that affect. I think your design is incredibly evocative. The whole effect of all the parts (the creation/play of scale, distance, variation complimenting the repetition) is just brilliant (no pun intended). The patched landscape-frame furthest to the right reflecting the process and the concept at once. My my my…

    1. deemallon

      thanks so much Maggie! It’s funny, I didn’t see the vintage linen on top as a cloud shape (duh!) until I posted pictures of the cloth with pictures of clouds… the whole thing was kind of an accident. Not sure how I’d replicate, but it will be fun to explore.

      PS Your painting has stayed in the kitchen. I love it!

  3. Nancy

    Wow Dee…I love this cloth and post. Each individual frame beneath a floating cloud, so complete in charm and focus. Yet, as a whole create a scene that that does indeed speak of travel on our lands. Before I even read your words or saw the other pics, I saw this land. The ‘tree’ in frame #3…like the tree in your Colorado pic. Amazing! Enjoy this back and forth of your days.

  4. Dana

    I too love this piece. I think it is interesting that your pictures of Colorado are sweeping skyscapes and your pictures from home are intimate portraits. Place does matter.


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