Happy Fourth!


Picture this flag flapping hard in the wind and spray flying into the boat…


My brother-in-law took us out of Scituate Harbor and parked us near the Scituate Spit for awhile.  It was packed.  Dogs, frisbees, fishermen, cookouts… only a few swimmers, but I was one.  Later, Ken and I wandered along the main street, where I saw this beautiful porch.


When we were boarding the boat, the sky looked like this.  Ken, who has been in Saudi Arabia for three weeks, couldn’t understand why I found the prospect of a sunny afternoon so dubious.

But, the sky DID clear.


And, plenty of people were out enjoying it.



Later, at Newton’s fireworks, I fell into a swoon of sensory overload watching the display and feeling the explosions mid-chest… that’s probably as close as I’ll come to tripping in this lifetime!

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