Clutter and Curbs


I have long maintained that one of the great pleasures of middle age is throwing shit out.

This poorly composed patchwork quilt was my first quilt and was NEVER going to be finished.  Not just because I generally hate the finishing part, but because I couldn’t stand the quilt… so OUT it went last week!!

It is a symbol worth noting, however.  I delayed going to work as a first year associate at the largest law firm in the city of Boston by three months to give myself time to make this quilt.  It would be quite a few more years before I gave myself over to quilting, and even more before I let the lawyering go… (although I STILL pay my bar dues!).

Goodbye quilt!  Goodbye Laura Ashley dress that my mother made me during college!  Goodbye Middle Street maroon curtains!  Goodbye part-polyester sheets from the late 80’s!

I’m happy to report that someone snagged it from the curb within hours of this photograph.

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