Five Things — early October


#1, The Weather

Today, it rains and rains.  The platter-sized catalpa leaves draped over the garage roof are shiny and bobbing and shuddering with it. Danny is sick.  I am sick.  Ken is better.  Cary is, almost.  No shadows today, except for the psychological kind.

#2, One Thing I Did Well Yesterday

I made a tasty tofu stir fry with cauliflower, peppers, onions, basil and Grand Marnier mixed in with the soy sauce.

#3, One Thing I Could Have Done Better Yesterday

I could have blown my nose with more decorum while waiting (and waiting) in the orthodontist’s office for Danny.  So what if it was the perfect response to overheard conversations that were making my-already-queasy stomach feel sicker!  So what if it prompted the kind of infantile chuckle that I normally reserve for farts!  It was rude and gross and the Annoying Ones didn’t ‘get’ it anyway.

#4 and #5, Two Things I’ll Commit to Doing Today that I Might Not Do Otherwise

I shall face the paper-eating printer and my own fury and print out some much-needed tags for all the pillows that I am making so that I’m not panicky and out-of-control trying to price stuff right before a craft show.

I shall take Jack for a walk even if it is pouring.  He didn’t get one yesterday.

Vacuuming up dog hair will happen, without the commitment, as will a grocery run, sending out a gardening invoice, and finishing the quilting on THIS:




Some quilting is by hand (background batik swirls) while leaves and tower are machine-stitched.

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