Outdoors and Indoors


It is a beautiful fall day here.  Production for fall shows is in full swing… I am making a LOT of pillows!


But also taking a little time to get outdoors.  Took Jack to Cold Spring Park and was able to photograph him with my phone — I hope he never figures out that it is also a camera.  Last night watching “FlashForward” (I know, I know), he hopped up onto the couch in terror because they were taking pictures ON TV!!

Now, as soon as I learn how to download pix from my phone, I’ll share them!


Lastly, here is one side of a new altar block.  This is St. Catherine of Siena, mounted with cloth and paper scraps on a painted block.  I just learned that she was the 25th child of an Italian family in the 14th century who devoted herself to Christ at an extremely early age.

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