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Such good news!

I received intensely good news on Thursday, news that’s galvanizing my revised deadline.

  • (New deadline: January 6).

Are you ready? A friend pitched my book to a friend of hers who happens to be a literary agent, someone legit. The agent is “very interested,” loves the topic. Will read the manuscript when I’m ready — (“she’ll know when she’s ready”). She said, “It’ll all come down to the writing.” Well, yes — I’m ON IT!

The Universe is on notice. No more weeks lost to health issues — please! — mine or anybody else’s! Holidays — gotta be simple this year — for real! No travel til next year.


Just prior to this incredible news, I’d set up an altar to my ancestors for the first time ever. Interesting, eh? What began as an exercise in learning about African American tradition already lifts my spirits and powerfully furthers my goal.

I’ve always known my parents would root for me and think me up to the task, but this is different. It’s faith-based and operates within non-linear constructs of time.


  • That’s me in the B&W. It must be in Rome, Georgia, because I look to be about two?
  • In the second photo (taken at Jones Beach, perhaps?), my mother wears plaid and my father is to the left. I wonder who that guy is to the right? Leaning in like that? This would’ve been some summer in between semesters at Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY — where they met).

Outdoors and Indoors


It is a beautiful fall day here.  Production for fall shows is in full swing… I am making a LOT of pillows!


But also taking a little time to get outdoors.  Took Jack to Cold Spring Park and was able to photograph him with my phone — I hope he never figures out that it is also a camera.  Last night watching “FlashForward” (I know, I know), he hopped up onto the couch in terror because they were taking pictures ON TV!!

Now, as soon as I learn how to download pix from my phone, I’ll share them!


Lastly, here is one side of a new altar block.  This is St. Catherine of Siena, mounted with cloth and paper scraps on a painted block.  I just learned that she was the 25th child of an Italian family in the 14th century who devoted herself to Christ at an extremely early age.