One Down, Two (three?) to Go!

bee village horiz cropThank you all who came out on a truly crap New England day — blustery, rainy and dark — to shop at “The Evening of Gifts”!!  I think a good amount of money
was raised for The Second Step. Certainly, turnout was good.  I sold a lot of my ‘table’ items, and not a single quilt, and did okay.

There are always intangible benefits as well, and it’s important to tally them, too:  referrals to other shows, convivial exchanges with crafters, scoring a few amazing items for the gift closet, future teaching connections, and positive feedback of all sorts.  Best of all yesterday, though, was the hug my 13 year old gave me while stopping in. Somehow, in spite of all my reminders, he forgot that I would not be home and called and called from a friend’s, finally remembering to call my cell.  No late afternoon ride forthcoming in spite of the rain!  I think the whole thing made him appreciate his mother just a little (hmm… could that be a strategy for the future? — just kidding!)

I thought I would be working like gangbusters today, but after wandering around my workspace and picking things up and putting them down for a while, I’ve realized it is one of those post-show days where I simply cannot work.  I’ll fold laundry, try to rid the first floor of dog-stink (HA!@!) , and clean up the kitchen instead. Maybe I’ll just fold laundry.


3 thoughts on “One Down, Two (three?) to Go!

  1. Magik Quilter

    Dee I loved reading this….it really took me along with you on the day. Am sure your son appreciates you anyway but sometimes those little reminders help!

    I have put you on my reader….am so thrilled you are in our group as i love your work. As you say you never know the connections that are formed. Several people who are in my group have been asked to write a book and others on flickr have been given book deals…you are so talented….these connections will take root and at the right time they will flourish. I know because you are a generous soul and I believe that generosity is rewarded.

    1. deemallon

      Thank you, Magik Quilter… glad the words carried you somewhere… When I’m having a bad day with teenager #2, I’ll remember to check back to your comment!

  2. Dee

    I just ‘found’ the second paragraph — and I have to thank you, Kathleen — your words are very encouraging and your outlook is so very optimistic… I have added you to my reader as well…

    (I have already had two magazine offers due to flickr!! — so I know what you mean about the potential…)


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