ArtSpark Theatre — Illustration Challenge


"Anthony was amazed when he looked out the window and observed..."

This was fun!  Artist Susan Sanford issued an illustration challenge in the form of the unfinished drawing and caption, above (on her blog, ArtSpark Theatre).  I don’t normally draw, but this was too hard to resist.  It being Halloween, my drawing has an otherwordly quality to it.


"... a giant head."

I was shocked, actually, that the face looked so friendly, given that I was using a horrible looking head as a reference (the head below the drawing on the side bar — or next to it in flickr).  But there you have it!  Often my work comes out darker than I want, something I alternately take pride in and am dismayed by.  It feels like a refreshing change for something I INTEND to look wicked to come out looking so amiable and harmless!

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