Second Solstice

The storm, a day later — this morning.  Rosy sky.  Crisp air, but not freezing.

December light on Saturday.  In the studio I block it near the cutting table, or I am walking in and out of glare as I step from machines to the ironing board.  Not a sensation I like.

But upstairs, the light is welcome.

One year of blogging seems to ask for a kind of note.  So here it is —

For someone who struggles to stand in her own routines, I have to say this is more of an accomplishment than you (dear reader) may realize.   For 2010, I plan to double my posting rhythm — up to twice a week.  Dog-terror-of-camera-or no! Lack-of -decent-tripod-or-no! Sore wrists and boundary issues to be dealt with!

Declaring an intention to one’s pack, according to Cesar Millan, is more important that consistency — music to my ADD-addled ears!!!!

2 thoughts on “Second Solstice

  1. Jane Hirschhorn

    Dee, I love the photo you took of our street. That funky bent tree near the O’M’s stood out –stands in contrast to most of the verticals and horizontal lines in the picture. Perhaps there is a message there for me –sometimes the bending among all the straight is needed and makes for a better composition.

  2. Dee

    thank you Jane… sometimes I feel that my (our) world isn’t blog-worthy because it is not rural, lovely in certain ways or BLAh, blah, blah…

    I’m determined to shirk this view…

    Maybe appreciating the bending among the straight is part and parcel of finding beauty wherever one is


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