Back to the floor

Back to work on the next Global Warming quilt.  With down vest, frequent ironing to warm my hands, and a portable heater, I managed just fine in the basement this weekend.

This chunk is problematic.

I spent the weekend with it removed in order to rethink.  Other Global Warming quilts use a pieced house/window as a focal point.  I really want a polar bear for this one.  Just not sure how to render.

The bear is now a felted sweater hand-stitched to a pieced/appliqued section.  It may pass muster once I draw some features and definition with black thread.  It may not.  What I AM having fun with is piecing the bottom section.

The ideas that are circulating as I work are — rampant natural growth (bamboo and other vegetal images), rampant human growth (windows, bulldozers, industrial-looking patterns), solar disks all over, water and heat going in odd directions, snow falling, hurricanes (the spiral batik)…  Also creeping in are some fabrics that look like writing (perhaps I should hold off?) — the idea being, once the quilt is hung, that the ‘writing is on the wall’.

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