Morning after Longest Night

Moments ago, on the street.  Rustling sounds upstairs of boys waking and showering.  Good Morning America from the other room (but NOT Diane Sawyer — wah!).

Many thoughts about the turning of the year, hope to share later.

But for now, as testament to the notion that inspiration comes from many places (some unlikely), here is from George Lucas, by way of Facebook and then Google (see what I mean?):

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.   ** Yoda

I could take issue with the rejection of form, particularly the body, but I’m not in the mood and so,
I’ll take this idea in my pocket for the first day back towards the light.

PS  I can’t get rid of the quote mark!  And, why DOESN ‘t the tab bar work in wordpress, AND why is there no easy (any?) way to indent text.  Oh, sorry, I’m moving right from celebration into a rant.  Perhaps I ought to quote BZ here (though I don’t think it was hers) —

Consciousness loves contrast.

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