Damp affirmation


Blogging may cease for a bit. Our area received 10″ of rain in 72 hours. The four inches of water that filled my basement studio yesterday is, thankfully, gone (two sump pumps going from 7 am until 11 pm). Many people have suffered more — lost heat or electricity, flooding on the first floor of their homes. Or, had sewage back up into their homes.  But unlike many who had water in their basement, I have my studio in the basement. This is not some ratty carpet I need to pull up and chuck.

So, most of my cloth is dry, thank goodness. Plastic bins have been purchased over the years for precisely this reason. However, some took off like little ships on a mission, and fell over, saturating everything inside. Plus, I still had a few milk crates and laundry baskets in service.

Today I am already on about my tenth load of wash. Lots of sorting, folding to do. Probably should throw out more than I will.  I am laying out tissue patterns to dry.  Collecting buttons from the bottoms of wet bins.  Collating felt bits.  Keeping a list (don’t ask why) of the things that are ruined.

13 thoughts on “Damp affirmation

  1. albedoarlee

    OMG Sweetie! I’ve been through floods like that too–it’s awful how much can get damaged and lost. Hope the precious stuff was protected!

    On the other hand, and this is the “dry humour” part–maybe you’ll have some lovely natural stains to work with now :0 And if you want to donate any, i’m game :}

  2. deemallon

    thanks for the sympathy and ‘dry humor’ (ar, ar), Arlee — it is overwhelming clear to me that I have to get rid of more fabric, so maybe I’ll ship some your way…. as I wash, the fraying edges are interesting, too…

  3. Karoda

    i was just thinking this morning about a similiar experience we had back in august…it took me 4 months to recover but i have moments that i still think i’m dealing with the impact from it. i hoping you have a much smoother transition back to your studio!

  4. Karoda

    you might want to take pictures of any damage and track your restoration efforts…for insurance and/or FEMA.

  5. deemallon

    I took quite a few pictures… haven’t had time to call even my homeowner’s ins. yet, but I’m hearing that there might be some federal money coming in …

  6. jude

    what a storm it was. there were 18 trees down on my mom’s block alone. never saw so much water. i am on high ground thank goodness. hope you get thru it all ok. geez….

  7. deemallon

    wow! 18 trees, yikes! the wind was amazing, and yes, so much water. I think I have located the last of the bins with wet fabric… many days of laundering and folding to go
    but the ten garbage bags on the curb feel GOOD… & the sun was nice today for drying a bin or two of laces outside….

  8. Victoria

    I am so sorry that you got flooded! The rain and wind blew so hard that it somehow found a way to get in between our living room floor and basement ceiling, causing a section of very damp carpet that just got damper the more we tried to soak it up. However you got it much, much worse. Hope things dry up soon!

  9. Ginny

    You have my deepest sympathy. What a horror. Let me know if you would like some replacement materials…my basement is a warehouse of misc stuff and I have some very nice retro aprons I could send you circa 1940s. Maybe to replace some of the stuff that had to float away.

  10. Dee

    Thanks Ginny — I may take you up on an apron — I LOVE vintage aprons, but not now… this week I am soooooo committed to creating space… maybe I’ll come get it this summer?!


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