Praise the sun!

Yesterday, my front yard looked like a crazy person’s picnic… or an early Easter installation… or an even earlier May Day scene.  The sight of Victorian laces blowing in the breeze gladdened an otherwise soggy heart.  I smile every time I consider the possibility of some bird having perhaps snagged a teeny piece of Edwardian lace and twisting it with narrow twigs for a nest.

I had forgotten how much pretty lace, vintage cotton, ecru muslin I had… also unearthed the beginnings of a felted blanket from cut up and hand-knit sweater squares… two plaster masks that K & I made one New Year’s Eve (before we were married?)… LOTS of itty-bitty quilt chunks that I find very intriguing right now…

I am very, very happy to report that the sun is out again today and that D.’s mini-ramp is being put to good use as a drying rack out back.

Thank you so much, readers, for your comments.  It has been wild to hear about the crazy weather elsewhere… and I am surprised to discover how big a difference your support makes.  On a day pockmarked by desperation and weighted with drudgery, my moments of respite at the screen were enlivened by your attentions…  Thank you, thank you!

7 thoughts on “Praise the sun!

  1. Victoria

    My hat is off to you as you have transformed a not so great situation into something joyous. I love how your yard looks all decorated with lace and fabric!

    1. deemallon

      the absolute BEST part of all of this is that my studio floors will be clean and much of the stuff that went out the door is not coming back… I can’t wait to feel the difference in about a week… thanks, Victoria — I’ll have to go see what YOU’RE up to!

  2. jackie

    There’s nothing quite like wet things drying in the sunny breeze..never mind what made you have to put them there.
    Thanks for your interesting take on my work.

  3. Robin

    I would have had a huge smile on my face if I drove by and saw your house! But I’m very sorry about the flooding–what a pain that is!


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