Late March Mosaic

1. JunkerJane Textile Art, 2. Two Places 6, 3. Traveler’s Map, 4. Dell scarf, 5. Waiting (detail 4), 6. Up-See-Dae-Zee Baby Hat in Rust, 7. back street warehouse, 8. Beautiful decay, 9. Willowpool – decay, 10. Gizmos, 11. Caroline’s Locket, 12. Mitochondrail WIP, 13. Robert, Chrissie and Charlie in stitches, 14. bushbaby, 15. Converstations with My Mother, 16. dogs in love, 17. burnt, 18. Cloth Construction detail, 19. little girls in the wonder wagon, 20. Twiggy things


More rain on the way, here!Β  But, I’m ready.Β  Ready, ready, ready.

3 thoughts on “Late March Mosaic

  1. Victoria

    Great selection. I love the sleeping baby and sleeping dogs… I must be feeling extra maternal today. πŸ™‚

    The rain is poring here. I am trying to remember that when the summer droughts come I will be wishing for this very day… but right now I really want some more sun!

  2. deemallon

    Hi Victoria,
    I can’t resist a little ‘cute’ in my photo-hunts… it is raining here again, too… and it has us all in an agitated state of worry. Six local rivers are on the verge of cresting. We don’t live near a river, but the water table is so high, that another inch or two or rain could bring more misery…


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