Back to IKEA for more storage units. Decided to go with dressers for under work table (cheaper, more drawer space), instead of kitchen cabinets. Cannot wait. Getting rid of bins and creating floor space are my missions. Also, I’m getting rid of the ironing board. Instead, will outfit a movable, rectangular kitchen island. Oh, so many improvements!

Discovered the last (I hope) of the soggy things… sat up in bed last night and realized I hadn’t checked the bottom shelf of a metal cabinet that houses frames, mat board and pictures. Fortunately, none of the personal photos were ruined (frames were). More crap for the curb.

By the time the floor is clear and schedule C finished, I think I will be up for sainthood.

6 thoughts on “aftermath

  1. Ginny

    there is only one comment for that picture…wow! That is a lot of stuff. congrats and good luck with the new layout! Im looking forward to the “after” pictures.

    The picture is great if you look at it abstractly, just goes to prove again there is beauty in everything.


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