How does your garden grow?

How lovely to fight solar glare at drop-off today!  It’s a real circus, drop-off is.  Students coming and going, lugging backpacks, strutting their uggs (girls), nearly losing their pants (boys), drivers pausing, then not pausing, inserting themselves, waiting, then not waiting, the U driveway, the crosswalks, the parking lots, left and right — it’s a big ole mess, and not the least bit so because many behind the wheel are brand new drivers (and teenagers, to boot).  So, when you add blinding sun, it is always a cause for caution and concern.

But, today I said, “Yippee”, because who can’t use a little sun at this point?!

Raking recently, I made an interesting find.  Not a soccer ball or hockey puck — though I find plenty of those.  In fact, I have long maintained that the thing I grow best are balls (GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER).  I refer, here, not to my male progeny, or my own lizard brain’s tendency toward aggression, but to the propensity for all manner of recreational balls to land in my perennial beds.  Baseballs and whiffle balls from my baseball-crazy neighbor, soccer balls from my boys and two kitty-corner neighbors, kick balls that crossed two fences from the schoolyard behind us, tennis balls from god-knows-where, and lacrosse balls, which can be blue, yellow, or white.

And, as trees have ‘drip zones’, I have long been aware that D.’s second-story window has a ‘launch zone’, in which I am STILL uncovering various objects like Playmobil pirates, Legos, and things so wrapped in duct tape I have no idea what they are.

But, imagine my surprise when I unearthed C.’s missing RETAINER in the beds by the driveway!!!  It has since been replaced (at a cost I won’t reveal because I don’t want to lose my breakfast), but nevertheless, it truly felt like the boys’-toy-garden-turned-treasure-trove and surely will go down in family lore, along with the story of K.’s father going through reams of garbage to find HIS lost retainer some 40 years ago.

6 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. Ginny

    Thank you so much for your fun post this morning. It brought a smile to my face…retainers and lambs ears, go figure. 🙂

  2. Emelie

    I see that soft gentle Lamb’s Ear bravely showing, beautiful Crocus and what a treat to see these things come to be in our gardens after a long rest. Like we feel sometimes we need a long rest. (Not too Long) I sort of rested under a wool blanket today and read a while and wondered why I felt scattered in thought and focus.

    I couldn’t find a vague, concrete plan, which is how I think, I know what I want and what I could use but I have to let it form along the way. Soon the vagueness starts to be more solid.

    So I decided to come here and look at things that feel free and beautiful that seem to travel the eye and brain in a journey to what I may think of to do. So working on something that is not looking at all creative and knowing that one has to keep going, but somehow I always have to remind myself of that. So my wisp of a figure is looking for the sun and I am stuck.

    I also find odd things in the garden, from years past, it was the home dumping ground manyyears ago so I find pieces of old crocks, blue bottles, marbles, and sometimes I save them in a dish just because.

  3. Dee

    I am struck by how many fellow-artists that I am reading are completely tuned in to the seasons… perhaps this is the human condition?

    I save things like marbles and broken crockery in dishes too!

    Hope your thoughts continue to meander and that the creativity breaks ground soon, like the crocus.


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