In spite of earlier declarations, I spent some time machine-stitching the Script Quilt today.  Went gingerly, so as not to break any more needles.  The gessoed section was bowing.  I wanted it more flush with edges, even if raised, due to variety of layers.  The edges are begging for attention.  The edges are where we come undone.  The edges are where we meet the world.  I am tired today.  Very very tired.  Feels like a soul-tired, not a body-tired.

11 thoughts on “edges

  1. albedoarlee

    I’m with you there…….hard to get excited about anything right now, though life is good and art is strong……hopefully it’s just the last lingering vestiges of Winter’s Malaise….maybe spring will energize us and our visions.

    1. deemallon

      Thanks Jackie… spring has a way of bouncing up the mood — and even though it’s already snowed here for a couple of hours, the newly returned robins and the brave crocus and snowdrops have a way of cheering me up.

  2. karen

    Hi Dee. this is a truly enchanting piece of work. In answer to your question, no, no and no again, honest. Painting and drawing are very personal demons of mine that I am desperate to conquer. I think I am a frustrated illustrator, I really covet that skill. Karen

  3. deemallon

    Thank you karen and jude…

    Karen — posted on your blog again — conquering personal demons is different than striving for something because it’s deemed ‘better’ out there, somewhere… but perhaps a higher order of task!

    I’m a frustrated writer — I wonder how my ‘shadow artist’ would behave if I gave her a bit more light…


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