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the blonde

Last week, I tried to turn a sketch into a quilt, hoping to capture the same quickness of construction and freshness of line.  It was a disaster because I was trying to copy something I had already made and wasn’t really looking at the fabric.

Once I started looking at the fabric, and forgot about the sketch, the face kind of assembled itself.  Originally, I thought I would overlay this with some dense machine quilting.  Now, I’m not so sure.  One thing IS for sure -“the blonde” is designated for show/sale on December 3 at the New Art Center, so she will be finished within the week (when I have said THAT last?!!)

K thinks she looks a little like me.  I can see that, but she reminds me more of my mother, or at least, my mother’s generation during their toddler-caring years.


In spite of earlier declarations, I spent some time machine-stitching the Script Quilt today.  Went gingerly, so as not to break any more needles.  The gessoed section was bowing.  I wanted it more flush with edges, even if raised, due to variety of layers.  The edges are begging for attention.  The edges are where we come undone.  The edges are where we meet the world.  I am tired today.  Very very tired.  Feels like a soul-tired, not a body-tired.