More rain!

Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency.

We are as ready as we can be — with everything up on blocks or in solid plastic bins, and with K’s newly, elegantly engineered more powerful sump pump.  Still, we have a little seepage already in the old part and how can I not worry?!

Update, 4:20 p.m.

It’s not good.  The sump pump is keeping up, but the water is now flowing from upper/old part of the basement to lower/new (studio) part of the basement, and is not headed toward the sump well.  I’ve already dumped the shop vac about six times and soaked every beach towel we own, to try and prevent the water from traveling under the newly (brand-newly) assembled IKEA dressers (which are up on 2×4 blocks, but still… )

Almost every river in Eastern Mass., I’ve heard, is at or near flood stage.

14 thoughts on “More rain!

    1. deemallon

      Thanks for your concern, all. So far there is just a skim coat of water coming in the “old side” of the basement, where it can do little damage.

    1. deemallon

      it’s morning and we made it! just some towels to wash, bleach to spray and sand to scoop up and dispose of… I imagine it will be bone dry by tomorrow, and almost no puddling already.

  1. Ginny

    Hooray! Thank god for small favors right? Glad it wasn’t as bad as the last time. We had an inch under the oil tank in the baasement but thankfully that was it.

    I know you got rid of a lot of stuff and may not want to add more to your collection but please let me know if you want some cheezy vintage material. I am a collector of strange things (I guess I figure I will eventually find someone who wants it) and have a bunch of stuff I could send to you.

  2. Dee

    Thanks, Ginny — I’d like to sort a little more before saying YES to more fabric — I DID like the pix you sent of the vintage aprons quite a bit. Maybe we can trade something?

  3. Ginny

    absolutely! Take your time, no rush, LOL I have had this stuff since 1993 and she had it probably since the 50s so it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


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