Feng Shui, Drain, and Wealth Redux

Cleaned up, improved sump well with better exit piping

Here’s the sump pump well that resides in the wealth corner of my studio (using the doorway orientation of Feng Shui).  A few posts back I asked for tips on how to ‘dress’ the area.

Here are the initial (GREAT) ideas I received:

  1. Make it into a wishing well or a fountain? A rock garden?

  2. Dress it with a beautiful and bright hammock (symbolic size, not full size).  If  draped across that corner and above the sump pump, it will be high and dry, inviting and capacious, ready to hold what comes. You could put some of your dolls in it.

  3. Make a bed with some smooth rocks for jade plants (which are for good fortune, the rocks for solidity).

  4. Create a little fountain…circulating type so it doesn’t lose water.

  5. This year is the Chinese year of the metal dragon so we all need to add water to our environments

I moved the card table that used to block that corner.  The table is gone (like so much else) and rotary cutting set up is now here.

In spite of not feeling compelled to use traditional Chinese symbols, the comment about Metal Dragon ended up resonating.

Yesterday, when I was out photographing some new fabric brooches (coming soon!), I also photographed this garbage find —

a rusted metal dish, embossed with a scaly, elongated dragon.

With a little spiffing up, this central bowl could hold sparkling clear water.

metal dragon relief on water bowel

I’ll have to wait until K. insulates this corner before adding  much effort, or any wall treatment whatsoever.

Here’s a shot of the area mid-storm, with kitty litter and beach towel levees.

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