In recent musings* about synchronicity, I am re-committing to paying attention.  In my journal, I will now mark noted repetitions, no matter how odd or seemingly unimportant, in the margins.

To pay attention, is to enlarge the energy field, is to create deeper connections.

So, here’s a recent example (I am considering a threesome of ‘hits’ to be a hint that maybe there is something worth mining):

#1 — FRINGE episode this week, where the WHITE TULIP is a very important part of the story, and (without spoiling anything) a symbol of Forgiveness, or as I see it, Grace (come to think of it, are forgiveness and grace all that different?  HOW are they different?)

#2 — Coffee with K. in ‘our seats’ near the windows overlooking the backyard the next morning, I look out and lo and behold the ONLY flower visible in our long perennial bed is a single WHITE TULIP (you see it above in its petal-drooping phase).

#3 — Dinner with family and friends the next evening, the first thing I see upon arriving is a large bouquet of silk flowers — a half dozen WHITE TULIPS.

So, I don’t care how ridiculous I might seem in asserting this — I am taking this to mean that I am forgiven, as the crazy scientist in Fringe was forgiven, as we all are forgiven, really, but perhaps forget, and need reminded, sometimes, by WHITE TULIPS.


* Recent reading — skipping through sections of Brugh Joy‘s book, “Joy’s Way”, re-reading Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and continuing to slog through the CDs Bill Harris provides when you buy Holosync materials.

7 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Kari of Writing Up A Storm

    Maybe the old saying about the third time being a charm is really true! I love the word “grace” and all the ways in which we use it. We say grace before meals to give thanks, and sometimes people or things grace us with their presence. And there is always someone in the world who makes us remember “there but for the grace of God.” I don’t know if it is because grace rhymes with lace, but it seems like something very delicate to me, like the petals on your lovely tulip. Grace and forgiveness. Thank you for putting them here. Oh, you give me much to think about! xo Kari

  2. Dottie Potochnik

    Wow! I do believe that forgiveness and grace are related. I’ve always believed that grace is God’s unmerited love toward us. Doesn’t forgiveness go along with that? Unmerited, but there. Now, when I see a white tulip, I will think of forgiveness and grace. As the tulips bloom in the front yard, I hope at least one will be white.
    As ever, Dottie

    1. deemallon

      Hi Dottie, I thought of you as I typed that post, and I appreciate all that you have taught me about forgiveness… I hope there’s a white tulip, too!

    1. deemallon

      Arlee — that’s good, right, the wanting to cry?
      Kari — thanks for your generous comment, as usual — as a little side note, the other synchronicity this week had to do with ‘shutters’ — a book title, a dream, a story about a niece’s chores — and a quilt that the flaps of the binding looked like shutters (before stitching them back), and I wondered, what if I made a little quilt cupboard, like one of Kari’s recent paper creations?!! more on that, I hope….


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