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How long before I realize that it makes me truly happy to feed the birds?

How long before I act as though kindness mattered above all else?

How long before I realize that I don’t need (or even want) most of my belongings?

How long before I fully recognize that working on a miniature scale is right for me?

How long until I feel that I have a right to the workings of my imagination, no matter how the cultural dialogue is unfolding (though ignoring the dialogue is impermissable)?

What if I could act as if everything was happening, not according to plan per se, but in its right and true time? In other words, what if all delinquencies were forgiven or rendered irrelevant? How liberating a thought!

** A huge thanks to all the recent lovely and thoughtful comments. Thank you. It really means a lot to me. Thank you, again.


In recent musings* about synchronicity, I am re-committing to paying attention.  In my journal, I will now mark noted repetitions, no matter how odd or seemingly unimportant, in the margins.

To pay attention, is to enlarge the energy field, is to create deeper connections.

So, here’s a recent example (I am considering a threesome of ‘hits’ to be a hint that maybe there is something worth mining):

#1 — FRINGE episode this week, where the WHITE TULIP is a very important part of the story, and (without spoiling anything) a symbol of Forgiveness, or as I see it, Grace (come to think of it, are forgiveness and grace all that different?  HOW are they different?)

#2 — Coffee with K. in ‘our seats’ near the windows overlooking the backyard the next morning, I look out and lo and behold the ONLY flower visible in our long perennial bed is a single WHITE TULIP (you see it above in its petal-drooping phase).

#3 — Dinner with family and friends the next evening, the first thing I see upon arriving is a large bouquet of silk flowers — a half dozen WHITE TULIPS.

So, I don’t care how ridiculous I might seem in asserting this — I am taking this to mean that I am forgiven, as the crazy scientist in Fringe was forgiven, as we all are forgiven, really, but perhaps forget, and need reminded, sometimes, by WHITE TULIPS.


* Recent reading — skipping through sections of Brugh Joy‘s book, “Joy’s Way”, re-reading Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and continuing to slog through the CDs Bill Harris provides when you buy Holosync materials.

Forgiveness is giving up all hope…

Today, this pin speaks to me of vulnerability — opening of the hands for help, opening of the hands to our own weaknesses, opening of the hands to silence, opening of the heart.

Traffic, Christmas shopping, a bustling Burlington Mall, Route 128, a quick Costco run — not exactly the stuff of quietude. Nevertheless, an underground sense of quiet faintly persisted — always a signal, to me, that we are close to the darkest day of the year.

An early phone call with a friend delivers this fruit — a definition she had heard a few days earlier — “… forgiveness is giving up all hope of ever having had a different past.”