Some Quilters I Like

I’ll be revising my sidebar soon to more accurately reflect the sites I frequent regularly — mostly blogs as opposed to websites.  So, before I do that, I wanted to congregate a few of the quilters whose work I admire in a single post, so as to have this post as a link for a batch of quilters.

Janet Bolton

Susan Carlson

Cynthia Corbin

Nancy Crasco

Nancy Crow

Rosalie Dace

Jeannette DiNicolis Meyer

Carol Anne Grotrian

Sylvia Einstein

Claire Fenton

Michael James

Diane Loomis

Ruth McDowell

Marcia Stein

June Underwood

Feast your eyes!

Side note — On my first professional job (copywriter for WBRK/WKTQ), I considered myself VERY lucky to have an IBM Selectric with self-correcting tape.  That was luxurious!  Big time!  High tech!

Given that, it astonishes me how much has changed.  Even in the last several years.

Nowadays, I like fiber artists who have blogs with ever-changing photo streams, and narrative, and, preferably, a group of thoughtful visitors who make comments.  Websites have a way of feeling somewhat dead.  Way too static.  So, that’s why I made this post to house the websites, rather than keeping them on my side bar.

5 thoughts on “Some Quilters I Like

  1. albedoarlee

    I’ve started thinking like this too–while it’s nice to see the website in its natural state, i always end by clicking on their blog if they have one–more human and interactive! I want to be engaged in more ways than just admiring their work 🙂

  2. dee

    agreed… I’d rather read an interesting blog by a crafter in a different medium than fiber (such as Seth Apter’s The Altered Page) than visit a quilter’s website these days.

  3. Sweetpea

    Definitely in agreement with you about static websites vs. blogs that hum with life from all over the blogosphere!

    Thanks for posting the quilters’ links…off to take a peek.

  4. Victoria

    I agree, too. I know websites are suppose to be much more professional, but blogs seem to give me so much more insight and info. I often still feel very hungry after visiting a website.

    I wish Janet Bolton had a blog as I adore her work.

  5. deemallon

    Probably most of us who blog feel this way now… and I agree about Janet Bolton — way back when, when I was still trying to ‘be a knitter’, I bought a book (Passionate Quilters? I think) that featured her and I have loved her work ever since…

    I also love Ruth McDowell and Sylvia Einstein and would love it if they blogged (and since they are local and I have taken classes with both of them, it would be especially nice).


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