When I photographed the upper right block shown here, I had on pink-polka-dotted pjs and a number of people commented on how much they seemed to be a part of the work… so a few days later, I cut the bottoms off and used some strips here and there. You can see them in two of the squares here.

So far, taking Jude Hill’s online class (spirit cloth), I have been so enamored with making little woven studies, that I haven’t graduated to some of the other techniques… but I shall, I shall.

Today? The air is brisk and wakes one up. Walking Jack, I heard birds at a neighbor’s, rustling around… tossing yellow leaves up with their beaks… behavior I’ve never seen before. Had my neighbor recently seeded his lawn? Was there a collection of worms or bugs there for some reason? They definitely were looking for something!

10 thoughts on “pink-is-as-pink-does

  1. ellsea

    mmm – so warming on such a cold, grim & grey day πŸ™‚ I love the way the different strips of pink and yellow bring all the elements together.

  2. Robin

    Love the wild energy of this one. It’s so modern, yet somehow reminds me of the Gees Bend pieces. (I have a Jack too, of the bulldog persuasion.)

  3. deemallon

    Thanks Robin and Victoria — after a long spell with dark, dark colors, I am draw to these peppy pinks…. Gees Bend? Really?! That is a compliment of a very high order!


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