2010 Travel?

Prompt: Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?  [#reverb10]

I went to Tupper Lake (for a week) and Woodward, Pennsylvania (twice, for an overnight, meaning two pairs of back-to-back days of driving 7 1/2 hours).   An overnight in Plymouth in a houseful of women, on the beach.  A boatride in Scituate. Clearly not a big travel year. Such a cut and dry answer, I decided to post even though yesterday, said I wouldn’t.


Don’t have time at the moment to upload pictures from Tupper Lake — (there were 900).  I got to play with my new camera that week!

(K. went to China six times, India once, and Korea once or twice.  Not glamorous trips, but . . . )

In 2010 I’d like to go to Colorado, California, and see the Grand Canyon.  Those are possibles.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could also manage a trip to Italy (for the food, not the art), southern France, Greece, Spain, or the Caribbean?  Maybe like Queen Latifah, in “The Last Holiday”, I’ll start me a ‘Book of Possibilities’.  (That’s a movie I’ve decided needs to be part of my December viewing — along with Elf, and at least a portion of “It’s a Wonderful Life” — (second half is just right, I’ve learned)).

Observation about this exercise — of the three prompts I’ve done — very, very geared toward young, fresh-out-of-college people.

What exciting things did I do this year? (not travel-related?!)  Grew potatoes for the first time.

Went to many nail-biting track meets for Newton South, winter and spring.  Made quilts.  Read a LOT of good books (that’s for another post).  Got a job and worked it for half a year (still working it) (one of the benefits there? – buying shoes that cost over $29 for the third time in a decade and a half – wahoo!!). Explored Salem. Maintained one garden in Boston and installed some foundation beds here in Newton. Learned how to weave fabric strips, a la Jude Hill.

See?  It’s a different question, with a much more full kind of answer.

6 thoughts on “2010 Travel?

  1. Ginny

    I’ve tried to post a couple of things on your blog but they have gone off to the ether…I will try again. Love the shot of the olives. I’d say you had a very busy full 2010.

    Best for the new year ahead.

  2. deemallon

    sorry about the bounces — when I logged on to blog just now, had to actually log in, which I don’t usually — hope that fixes it!

    Arlee — you grew potatoes, too?!! it’s so easy, I wonder why I hadn’t done it before. Of course, my crop was very small. Still, I will do it again in 2011.

    It was a busy year, Ginny… one of the highlights has been getting to know you!!!

  3. Kari of Writing Up A Storm

    I think my traveling days are pretty much over, but I still love to “travel” in books or by way of dvds and the internet. I’m finding I love memoir and biography more than fiction, too, so I am traveling back into the past more, or into someone else’s life, into their thoughts and how they went from here to there. I wish you many wonderful travels in the new year, in whatever form you take them. Happy end of one year, happy beginning of the new year. I have loved reading your posts this year. I love the quirky joy you find in day to day things, and your appealing honesty at the up and downs of life. Bless you!! xoxo Kari

  4. dee

    Thanks for stopping by, Kari and Carolyn. Kari – at first I read “appalling honesty”, which I have been accused of from time to time in my life! Seriously, though, I appreciate your feedback and the reminder that the imagination takes us plenty of places…. I forget who said it, but I often quote her (?) to remind me of same, and that is: “A life spent reading good books is a life well-spent.”


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