More snow is coming. MORE SNOW IS COMING. This is the igloo the boys built – with the tons of snow we already had – over Martin Luther King weekend.

They’re calling it a ‘monster storm’.

Driving to the high school with single lane roads already a nightmare.

Things to be grateful for: pjs, a cashmere hoodie, the new crockpot, guys to shovel, cookies, and

funny sights right out the back door — Marge Simpson making a guest appearance, for instance.


5 thoughts on “inside

  1. Ginny

    I love the first shot. It almost looks like it is under water …hmmm maybe some potential for November? Especially in that blue light. beeutiful.

    LOL I see what you mean about Marge. They look a little judgemental to me, what do you think?

  2. deemallon

    Hello Jude and Karen – yes, lots more snow and now (wa) – rain!

    Hi ginny – for the whole time I’ve shared my property with these plaster guys (I wouldn’t DREAM of suggesting that I OWN them), they have looked secretive at best and smug, as you note, at worst. But just last week, even tho they still looked secretive, they looked SILLy – like they were enjoying something funny (and not in a snarky way). I’ll have to find the picture and post it in flickr.

  3. ginny

    I’ve always found those plaster of paris chieftains to be snarky. Lol. I keep thinking of the blue photo of the boys in the igloo on top. Would you consider doing more in that light for The Weight of Water. It would be perfect.


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