Staring and seeing

Ah-ha moments come in the middle of mess, TV, exhaustion (too bad I don’t get them running four or five miles, eh?)

It fell into view, while sitting in my TV chair, staring at the mess my composition had become on the floor overnight.

Two identical pieces of upholstery fabric (LOVE those polka dots), overlapped, with various fabric elements lain on top (or pawed away by Mr. Jack scratching himself a night-nest or D. moving the chair, the better to kill Nazi Zombies from)… and it came to me.  Lay out the composition on ONE piece, and, using it as visual reference, lift piece-by-piece and hand sew on the OTHER piece.

The dots had been cut for a pillow, and now are pulled into service to construct a new quilt in a slightly new way.

AND, I grabbed the coffee table.


6 thoughts on “Staring and seeing

  1. deemallon

    these comments are a bolt of pure joy – esp. welcome after a drabbish day at work where I felt like I was choking a good bit of the afternoon.


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