Wouldn’t it be nice if……

tomorrow held a big block of silence and unstructured time in which I could figure out how to work with woven squares, uneven scraps, and beautifully dyed fabric (a recent purchase from arlee!) in a whole new way — maintaining the spontaneity of collage and the wandering edges of overlapping… without getting into the frustrating business of turning everything into rectangles — which is what I did with the “Treasure Island Quilt for a Boy” (I finished it, BTW!!! I Finished it yesterday!!)

Wouldn’t it be nice if …..

I was working on a big, flat table completely devoted to my project, where track shoes, gloves, lunch bags, papers, cameras, keys, newspapers had no business landing, and where the dog hairs would a least have to fight a little to arrive in multiples

Wouldn’t it be nice if…..

I could work on that piece all day in the quiet and on the table and know that worries about money weren’t going to eat me alive…

It’s winter.  And what a winter it is!  I type here, with a heating pad on my lap.

Originally, I typed up a few tired lines about not having enough… vision, money, time… we all know the drill.

And, I had to strike them, as is wise.

Here’s my little insight of the moment:

I know that comparison-mind generates much suffering, particularly when its radar for ‘less than’ is going at 100 beeps a second.  But what if comparison-mind could be employed to constantly remind myself of how much I can control, how much I have… This feels slightly different from a gratitude practice, although perhaps that’s precisely what it is.  Maybe even a coercive discipline would be welcome here — forcing the mind to notice all the ways that ‘more than’ occupies my life…

7 thoughts on “musings

  1. Karen Turner

    I admire your ‘more-than’ concept. After a week of profound personal frustrations and disappointments, you reminded me to think of the plenty rather than the dearth. Thank you.

  2. anne

    I really like the cloths you have at the top of these photos…….the black and white and orange ones – and I like that you are striving to think beyond squares (altho your squares are lovely!)
    I see that you follow Spirit Cloth; her work is always so inspirational, I think – the way she puts fabric, texture and colour together

    can’t wait to see this project grow!

  3. indiaNa

    this is absolutely gorgeous….and thanks so much for buying my book! i guess you’ll be dyeing your own magic cloth soon…just imagine [when the snow melts] unique fabric with prints from your garden [or the local park, or the onionskin bag…]
    intermingled with your lovely collected treasures


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