Los Angeles Circles

I dragged all three of my guys to the Garment District in L.A. while visiting California last week — a true testament of their love, you could say. Meant I definitely could not bitch about how long they were taking, later on, in Urban Outfitters (though I tried). I didn’t have a lot of time to poke around, but one of the day’s treasures was a burnt velvet with tiny bubble-like circles and larger black swipes in half-moons, and some full circles.  You can see tiny bubbles, a swipe and a circle on this piece.  It is one of those fabrics that is equally delicious on both sides and that I already wish I had bought double the amount of.

I photographed an earlier incarnation of this piece and uploaded it a post or two ago.  It is getting crowded, and I’m not sure for the better – but never mind.  This is a phase of stitching where evaluations are best put on hold.  I AM happy that I split the original piece in half, the better to work on my lap at night.

We looked at colleges. Five in four days. I don’t recommend it as a pace.

Made me think about home and leaving home.

I like the way the tan/yellow sheer (perched above the orange/yellow woven section (near the middle of this photo)), is creating a little house. Without my even intending it.

I am accustomed to thinking of ‘home’ as such an intentional place; something made and tended. But what if ‘home’ is accidental? Happed upon … more discovered than created?  I am wondering about that.

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  1. isathreadsoflife

    Again, I love this creation of yours, the little house that just happened to be there, surrounded by what appears to me as a jungle and under a blazing sun or a sunflower 😉 Beautiful artwork.


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