Gathering wool

An effort from last year above the mantle.  A horizon trying to emerge.  Or perhaps, sleeves?  The whole thing wanting to turn into a kimono.

Dreams are on my mind this week.  Well, they’re always on my mind.  But, I mean, particular dreams.  For instance.  Not long ago, I dream that my boss asks me what I want to learn this year, leans forward, eager, to hear me.  I say clearly and resolutely (and unaware of the dissonance):  “I want to learn more about garment construction!” [I work at  a law firm].

I’ve been reading books about psi phenomena — how it has been studied, how it has been rejected by science.  One of the books looks at data collected online in psi tests to see what precognition of 9/11 was evident, if any.  (“Entangled Minds”, Dean Radin)  It got me thinking, so I pulled out a journal from 2001.  This entry of mine was written on 8/28/2001:

K. dreams that water’s flowing on him and freezing him to the ground.  He moans in his sleep.  D. wakes up crying and crying and crying because of leg cramps.  I dream that I’m being held hostage by a terrorist.

A few things about this stand out.  One, it is hard to remember, now, how less frequent our references to terrorists used to be.  And, while my dreams have run toward the violent, normally it is personal violence & not political.  Two, K.’s icy elements notwithstanding, in twenty-three plus years of sharing a bed, I have heard him vocalize during a dream maybe a dozen times.  Three, D. was a restless sleeper, it is true (and at that age, OFTEN in bed with us, as he was that night) — nevertheless, the collective sleep activity in our bed that night can only be considered remarkable.

Waking dreams fill my pages as well.  I often use a Tarot card image, ‘randomly’ selected, as a jumping off point.  On 9/3/2001, I pulled THE TOWER and here is some of what I wrote (we are now eight days from the attacks):

I am the force of change.  Pure, simple, swift, upsetting change.  Change can be good like a blast of fresh, much-needed air, or it can feel disastrous, tragic.  I don’t indicate, in and of myself, what type of change [is] coming.  Jung’s observation – the unworked inner will come and get you from the outer.  Bodies fall – bodies representing forms of all kinds… Burning down the house.  Some houses need burned down – the ash & Phoenix thing, but even before you get there, the laying waste to false, limiting structures, in & of itself, a worthy activity.  This is what happens, oddly, when one embraces the dark side – the brittle masks, the tin houses, collapse, crumble, melt, fall in on themselves….

Clearly, I was looking for a psychological interpretation.

This next dream remnant is less clearly connected to the events of 9/11, but I add it because it seems a part of the mix.  Note – there was only one Egyptian among the hijackers (sometimes cast as the ringleader) and he spent his last night on earth in a non-descript hotel on Route 9, a short walk from my home.

9/9/2001 — Neighbor’s married a 16 year old boy.  He’s handsome and muscular and so young.  Nancy’s trimmed her ancient wisteria to let more light in.  I’ve printed out directions to a place in Egypt that I’m going (it’s out on the Fan Pier?).  At the courthouse, M.F.


You’ll note that the Fan Pier, occupied by the federal courthouse, is directly across the harbor from Logan Airport.  The Egyptian who was to sleep a quarter of a mile away from my house the next night, was surely thinking a great deal about this very vicinity.

“M.F.” is a high school friend of mine who lives near the San Diego airport (in late 2001, there were no direct flights from Boston to San Diego.  The flights that were hijacked out of Boston were bound for San Francisco and L.A.)   One could say that my unconscious could have picked a better dream figure, especially since my brother lives in L.A. — and yet — it is a Californian airport connection.  Isn’t it significant that my mind didn’t pick a local friend, or a friend who’s moved to Texas or Oregon, or a friend who lives near a grocery store or a river?

I’d be interested in hearing if other people who have writings that date back to August – September 2001 can see anything that in hindsight looks like premonition.

Entangled Minds, Dean Radin

Extraordinary Knowing, Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer

9 thoughts on “Gathering wool

  1. Ginny

    9/11 – I remember riding on the express bus down the LIE towards NYC and thinking what a glorious day it was. The sky was so blue it was remarkable, and crystal clear. I heard on the radio that morning that there were dolphins sited along the LI shore and I remember daydreaming that it was the perfect day to call in sick and go to look for dolphins. (It was my first official day at a law firm so I knew that was impossible, but I remember thinking about it all the way in.) I am surprised I didn’t see the smoke out the bus window because we were headed right in that direction.

    As soon as I arrived in the office, I heard about the planes. We had to stay in the office and work until 3pm, when personnel finally said, if we felt it necessary (!?!), we could go home. Funny thing, well maybe not funny, was that the paralegal working for the head of the firm was BinLadin’s niece. I didn’t know her, but heard she skipped town/went AWOL a few days before the attack and was never seen again.

    I still think about the dolphins as an omen. Maybe they were there to escort the souls out to sea.

  2. dee

    I love your recollection, Ginny. Weird about bin Laden’s niece. Maybe I should collect people’s memories of that morning — because we ALL remember what we were doing and what kind of day it was and how everything changed.

  3. ginny

    I do believe in the psychic connection and think maybe you have it stronger because of the Tarot cards. I used to do them, for friends and for myself and always got the same cards over and over again. That also started giving me the creeps so I quit doing them. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not, but every time there was a crisis in NY I always wore the same outfit. Finally, I got rid of it, it too was giving me the creeps.

    I suppose it is all about noticing patterns and recognizing them. I have to admit whenever I hear about dolphins in NY I get worried.

  4. dee

    “all about patterns and recognizing them” — yes… I wonder what the cards might show you now. I always view a repeat appearance (or multiples) as THE EQUIVALENT OF YELLING, or a message written in neon, instead of black ink.

  5. Ginny

    If they were yelling then, they would surely be hollering even worse now! LOL. Not sure if I am brave enough to face that now.

  6. dee

    Hi Becky – I’m not sure I know what you are saying, unless it’s to suggest that 9/11 was a conspiracy by the American government? The video links included in your comment were not accessible. In any case, my post was really meant to get people remembering what they might have been feeling or experiencing in the days before 9/11 to see if there was any sense of foreboding or premonitory images, feelings etc.

    As a lawyer, I am a big believer in due process and have been ashamed of our treatment of the Guantanamo Bay detainees. However, I have no trouble ascribing guilt to the hijackers who took those planes down on 9/11 — do you?

  7. Becky Lowe

    My point was there was a lot of foreknowledge before the twin towers were hit and building number 7 “pulled” in order for there to be a controlled demolition. This was the first steel structures that was 110 stories high, that fell in 6.6 seconds…that defies all previous fires of steel frame structures…or even a wood fire even if you dumped kerosene all over it. I think the whole thing was a very effective propaganda piece.

    I didn’t have any problem accessing the videos when I left clicked on them and opened them in a new tab. I hope you will try again.

    As far as the hijacker’s:

    None of the hijacker’s were on any of the passenger lists.
    There were no autopsy’s done on the bodies.
    Five to seven of the hijacker’s have turned up after 9-11 living in the middle east.
    They could barely fly a Cessna plane and it is highly unlikely that they could fly a jet air liner.
    There was an ax in the cab with the pilots that the pilots could have used to defend themselves against box cutters.

    The above is what I would used to discredit what we have been told by the “suits”.

    A government who water board prisoners and denies them a trial at Guantanamo Bay. These are the same ones that told us what happened during and after 9-11. We wouldn’t have a Guantanamo Bay if it weren’t for 9-11. I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I think I have enough questions to put doubt in any reasonable mind…especially with specialist in the field of physics.

    Why do you believe them?

  8. dee

    Well, having now watched the video you sent and also gone to the 911 Truth Out site and I have many, many questions now.


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