faking it

Just read in a pile of notes (sorry, the source is long gone — a TED lecture on happiness, perhaps?) that — gratitude is easier to fake than happiness (and of course, gratitude generates happiness)… sooooo – what do You feel grateful for today?

I made this picture of D. my screensaver at work yesterday and it so cheers me up! I’m grateful for the picture, and more, for the healing of his arm, and for his grace and exuberance.

I’m grateful, today, for the smell of moisture in the air, for a grey sky portending rain, for two healthy boys sleeping upstairs, for a hot cup of coffee (made by K. before I got up!), for my kindle, for N’s recommendation of a new detective writer, James Lee Burke, and his story (on my kindle) set in New Orleans during Katrina.

I’m grateful (yes) that Osama bin laden is dead and that Obama and his team made it happen.

I’m grateful that it’s Wednesday (and not Monday).

I’m grateful K has work and is bringing IN work to his office (from China, where else)?

I’m grateful my office is 2.6 miles away and if gas prices go even crazier, I could walk.

And, I’m grateful that both of my kids are looking for jobs right now.

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