Blonde in the Mirror

“The Blonde” went at Saturday’s sale.  When I got to the New Art Center for my 2:00 shift, she was gone.  In a way, I’m glad she’s gone, because I really, really preferred her in her earlier incarnations, and to see the finished quilt would have been a constant reminder that I somehow did her a disservice.  But, at the same time?  I wasn’t quite ready to let her go.

I’ll post pictures of the finished quilt this week.

5 thoughts on “Blonde in the Mirror

  1. Lynda Howells

    congrats on it’s sale. I do understand how you feel about actually letting it go..are we ever really ready to let our creations go, when we have work so long and so passionatley on them?xx

  2. Julie

    Dee–I totally LUV your house…it is wonderful…it must have been really tough to let your lady go…so much of one’s heart goes into a piece…Julierose

  3. deedeemallon

    thanks for your comments, Lynda & Julie… Sometimes I am VERY ready to let a quilt go… it depends on how much I like it and how much time I’ve had with it… The Blonde I had literally finished the day before. But it’s good! Good to sell stuff and have the hours of labor be appreciated.

  4. Maggie

    The measure of the worth of a work of art is how difficult it is to let it go (this is paraphrase from my current painting teacher). You broke some kind of visual/visioning barrier that wasn’t even apparent until it happened? As a former blonde, it speaks to me too. But its the figure-ground brilliance – wow, just great!

  5. Dee Mallon

    Thanks, Maggie! I will ponder ‘the measure’ idea – it can be pure sentimentality, too, sometimes that makes me want to hang onto something I’ve made, so not sure that always works as a measure. But! Here’s what I really want to say: I AM SO GLAD you are taking a painting class!!


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