Cloth like glass

Auditioning a new Journal Quilt (called “I Want Snow”) on a bedroom curtain got me thinking (or rather, ‘seeing’)…

about how the light passing through the three to four layers of silk, rayon, or cotton, muslin-backing, and lo-loft batting made the layers take on the quality of glass…

and about what it would be like to design ‘window quilts’ instead of ‘wall quilts’.

8 thoughts on “Cloth like glass

  1. Lynda Howells

    This is what l feel about my silk “window” hangings. One day when l was trying to see how this particular silk piece looked…held it up to the window and hey presto….a new idea formed! your work looks gorgeousxx

  2. Dee Mallon

    thank you, Lynda! I remembered all the window quilts I’ve seen over the years after posting this… decidedly not a new idea, just one I have not played with much.

  3. Dee Mallon

    Serena – “rugged and transparent” – that’s a combo worth cultivating as a person, don’t you think?

    thanks for other comments, Julie, Deb & Jude. This piece is now almost completely quilted. I HAD to stitch something soft after “L.A. Circles” – where there were five, six, seven or eight layers in places. Same with “Nantucket Moon”. Contrast is good!

  4. Jacky

    I have seen lots of window cloths, but what I love about yours is the layering….transparent fabric over transparent fabric over…… the result is just wonderful and reminds me of those beautiful old amber, tortoiseshell vases etc.

    Love your choice of fabrics.

    Jacky x


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