to begin

again.  To begin again.

Studio shots remind me of how I’ve been away.  I’ll post them as doorways and invitations.  (All shot with phone, so a tad blurry).

Excerpt from a bulletin board — calling to mind the witch in the fairy tale who heats her oven to cook the children.  And Venus.  In a fugue state.  These days?  I am more witch than Venus.

Mirror mirror on the wall?  TV is the screen I look in the most and oddly, there have been a raft of shows lately with Grim Reapers (‘Dead Like Me’ and ‘Grimm’) and mirrors on the wall and evil stepmothers (‘Once Upon a Time’).  I plan to read fairy tales to gear up for the Sketchbook theme of ‘a path through the woods’ because fairy tales that enter the woods always have something intense and dramatic going on.

‘A path through the trees’ implies direction, even though one could be thoroughly lost.

The unfinished work.  The idea of invitation rather than admonishment/burden/todolist…

Old friends.

New work.

Experimenting, again, with gesso, drawing on top of gesso, scraping away, cutting up bits, moving, rearranging, stitching inbetween most steps.

Tomorrow, I will burn some of the sandalwood in the cellar to clear out the dusty, stagnant air down there, and the heavy feeling in here (ribcage).

2 thoughts on “to begin

    1. deedeemallon

      Me too! It is my favorite incense. I’m off to put up a pot of beef stew, and then down to the basement to burn!!


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