fabric bonanza

Sunday, my friend KS offered me a pick of fabrics from a design show.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have, given the space constraints downstairs, but taking home a laundry basket full of gorgeous (free!) fabrics makes me feel rich, and so I deem it worth the hassle of organizing a bit.

My lunch friend yesterday guessed that this fabulous fabric is “peau de soie”, which literally means ‘skin of silk’ in French.  Looking it up, I learn that peau de soie is a “soft silk fabric with a satin weave”. This two-sided combination of purple and teal is so gorgeous that it may be the thing that finally gets me to the cutting table to make myself a garment – something I’ve been itching to do for at least a year now.

I found this gauze irresistible, too.I flipped and cropped the photo to create the cross.  I made three cross quilts awhile ago, and they are going to be finished this month!  Furthermore, I want to take one and use it as a template to create a new and improved Cross Quilt.  I have discovered that copying even oneself can lead to very dull results, but I am hoping that this will be an opportunity to fix some construction and hue problems.

There were quite a few linens, too, some in enough yardage to possibly cover our dining room chairs, which haven’t matched our walls for almost 10 years.

With my new tripod, I took pictures of the moon set this morning (come back tomorrow for those).  Also, I spent the better part of the morning taking pictures — including very close-up, in focus shots — of a felt hut being made (future tutorial?).  I am really psyched about this new tool.  Thank you, K!  Leave it to my husband to recognize what gear I really, really needed.

9 thoughts on “fabric bonanza

  1. deedeemallon

    The purple fabric has a lot of body, not sure it’s drapey enough for a swing coat or a kimono=style wrap… I’ll have to see what patterns I have on hand. Definitely with lapels and cuffs to showcase the purple – I would put the green out as the main color.

  2. ginny

    oooh a kimono wrap! That would look great. Or, alternately, a pare of 70s MC Hammer parachute pants and bolero jacket. What fun! History always repeats itself, right?

  3. Hoola Tallulah

    A whole basket full of free fabrics, such a treat! I have no idea where I would put such a haul either, but would have still taken them as you did. There is always room for new fabric!

  4. serenapotter

    fabric always makes me feel rich….and it makes me laugh a little, this post, because i’ve been cutting rectangles and sophia keeps stacking the pieces and calling them money….it’s a new work in progress for me now…

    i love this and it’s such an honest feeling for those of us who love textiles.

  5. deedeemallon

    I wonder if it might be taffeta as well, Heather, because it is quite stiff… The haul HAS been worth the effort, Hoola, definitely! Serena – that is too funny about Sophia… quilts are part of her consciousness, for sure! (and maybe, her DNA!).


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