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Yesterday, I spent the better part of the morning having a love affair with my new tripod (now, now, don’t even picture those dirty things!).  Truly, I am having so much fun.  To prepare for tomorrow’s class, I made a new felt hut and documented as I went.  A total first stab at a still-life tutorial — here.  It runs just shy of a minute, so I hope you can take a peek.  Criticism welcome.

Meanwhile, the moon has been peeking in my window.  This is roughly the view from my bed.  Aspidistra and beech limbs talking in lines while the moon makes an illuminated beauty spot, a little like Peppy Miller, and her “little something extra”, in the movie ‘The Artist’.

Digging up and documenting and noodling.  Part of my gift to C. for his quickly approaching 18th birthday, is a collection of journal entries about him (I am already way behind schedule!)  The picture below goes back much further, however, to a batch of illustrations created for book of poems written as a freshman in college (1975).  I’ll spare you the poetry.

Meanwhile, my plaster friends probably have at least another season in them.  They certainly will keep themselves entertained.  I suspect they are talking about me, here.

Although perhaps they, too, are taken with the moon, rouging them up to a feminine pink here.

5 thoughts on “felt house – toot/toot

  1. Ginny

    What a fun video. One of these days I am going to have to give this sewing thing a shot. Love the animation. Next time make a city, I could watch forever.

    And…I personally would love to see poems from the old days. Will you share?

  2. deedeemallon

    I have a lot of little huts around, but maybe I should make a ‘skyscraper’ or two? Not sure about the poems. Maybe vis-a-vis email.

  3. Robin

    Great little video–it zips right along and gives just enough info and is fun to watch. Perfect music too. That’s funny–I wanted to give each of my boys a collection of journal entries for their 18th birthdays too, but my oldest already turned 19. Maybe the 21st birthday is good to shoot for. 🙂

  4. deedeemallon

    Robin – I know about those shifting deadlines! A quilt was planned for Christmas and got moved to September, already… I suspect the journal at 18 will be a partial….

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