What did I do today?

In my head-shaking tally of the day yesterday (baffled, again, at where the time went),  I kept forgetting that I spent the morning over in the art room at the elementary school around the corner.

This wall-sized map and cool 3-D wall hanging are from the hall outside.  It is so much fun (“Miss Dee!!  Miss Dee!!! Can you help?!! Can I make a mouse? Does this look like a coffin?”) and so good for me in so many ways, that I’m surprised it keeps slipping out of my mind.

So, forget the laundry, dog walking, the progress made on three small quilts, the prep for tomorrow’s class — forget cooking dinner, packing lunches, making smoothies in the a.m., forget the dentist phone calls and the three conversations with my sister… the little stint with two third grade classes was enough to call it a good day.

Stumpwork poppy – beauty!

5 thoughts on “What did I do today?

  1. Pat Casey Duane

    I know exactly what you mean. I volunteer at the museum and dress as a tchr from about the turn of the century and do a little ad lib with the kids. It is just enough and last week one little girl tugged at me and said “I like you.” Made my whole week.

    I always enjoyed teaching, but not the admin. stuff and this role us just perfect!

    1. deedeemallon Post author

      Maggie – I know you know! and Pat, that museum gig really sounds like fun. It’s nice to not be the planner, or the cleaner-upper. In and out.

  2. Emelie

    I think you should know, when someone cheers another this much they should be informed. Every time I took a break I came here to read and look at your work. Wonderful fun and inspiration by the load. I was feeling that gritchy way and now not at all.

  3. deedeemallon Post author

    ‘feeling that gritchy way’ is a great phrase… thanks for letting me know and giving me that word!


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