building forward, looking back

I am in the thick of replacing my website using ‘weebly’ – a drag and drop method.  It’s not that versatile and in fact, very frustrating, but the price is right and at this point (I haven’t added text or images to my existing website in YEARS because it is so cumbersome), almost anything will represent an improvement.

Anyway, I just came across this quilt.  See how important it is to date your work?!  I would have guessed “2008” as the time frame for this poppy, but stitching reveals that it was made in 2002.

I keep wanting to ‘get back’ to poppies and keep finding that I don’t.

Do any of you, dear readers, have themes or images that you developed/loved and that were well-received and that you keep saying you will ‘get back to’ and then don’t?!!

Why, I wonder.

Maybe it’s not enough to go back to something just because other people liked it.  Not sure.  Ideas, responses welcome!

Today’s the busy day – writing class in the a.m. (Yikes! must bathe! Must eat breakfast! Must do Morning Pages (writing class is so much better if I do them first)) and then my quilting class (here, thankfully) in the afternoon.

2 thoughts on “building forward, looking back

  1. serenapotter

    I don’t know. I haven’t really been quilting long enough for that, but I can say that I really love the simple repetitive act of taking one shape and just stitching that. I’ve made four quilts that way and I would not really call any of them simple.

    make that five. so i suppose if there’s something i come back to it’s that.

    something i keep wanting to come back to and don’t.
    anything involving a grand layout. the kids fiddle with it a little too much and i find it overwhelming and a buzz kill to spend hours trying to fix it all back to just sew a couple of pieces.

  2. deedeemallon

    life dictates form sometimes – think Wallace Stevens, writing his short little poems on his doctor’s script pad… You’re right to point out the quilting is inherently repetitive.


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