techno overwhelm

Technology Overwhelm ebbs and flows, and is generally present in the life of this almost-55 year old.  It will never be easy.  It will never be natural.  But the knowledge/skill level has plateaus where I can skim along, doing what I want to do.  Then, there are the craters that occur when something that once was automatic stops functioning and I don’t know why.  There are the steep, steep learning curves brought on by a new program or new tool (like my new-ish smartphone which I still barely know how to use).  And, in addition to the craters and curves, is the big, big list of things that I have been meaning to get around to developing some mastery around, and haven’t.  This SoulCollage® card was created in honor of this constant strain of frustrations, which is at some freakish peak right now.

I HAVE been quilting – all morning in fact.  The old style — piecing standing up, rotary-trimming, pressing as I go.  It felt downright athletic after so much time away, or time spent stitching by hand, sitting down.  Pictures, tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “techno overwhelm

  1. versana

    What a scream! You are sooooo funny and so accurate! I hate “craters” … giggle. I look forward to your pictures; meanwhile, shall peruse your blog!


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