Two New Cards – One with Variations

SoulCollage collage – not yet a card.  For that, a Staples run is necessary, and then some cutting and gluing.  But this one popped out of the pile today.  Watched the TV show “Grimm” last night, and figured this one could be called, “Grim Fairy Tale”.  This is, in part, my response to flipping through a couple of Vogue magazines (thank you unusable miles that translate into free magazines!), including the one that featured Kate Moss’s wedding.  The message seems to be that happiness is a question of purchasing and looking good in the right outfit.  The next one was worked in a series.

I have made many cards that refer to the creative process.  This is another and I call it simply, ‘The Maker’.  I shot twenty or so with various pieces moved around.  I thought about making a slide show, but ultimately, the static quality of the red dancer defeated the point.  But here are a couple of variations, the second being digitally altered.

6 thoughts on “Two New Cards – One with Variations

  1. saskia

    love your collages, esp.the roomey one, ah the sense of the space……..also like the fact that at first I didn’t recognise the dancer as such and that she’s a blur in the foreground

    note to self: follow Dee’s example and make more collages!

  2. Clare

    yes Dee your blog is really interesting.
    Thank you for your comment on mine about sewing and a connection to mothers. Mine never did any sewing but the thread between us is a good metaphor perhaps – and she always liked what she saw that I’d made and wondered how I did it
    She’s past that stage now, but I notice when I am in times of stress to do with managing the end stages of her life I find myself stitching and stitching – or painting perhaps – maybe I am putting other pieces together in my head.

  3. deedeemallon

    Hi Clare – I’ve always thought that the metaphors relative to sewing/quilting/ironing are so positive — i.e., piecing things together, ironing things out, getting disparate parts in harmony, joining, smoothing, connecting, making seams. But be that as it may, I understand the soothing effect of having a tactile project where little results are immediately visible during a difficult hospice watch, where nothing is under your control, and the current and coming loss is so, so big. Pears, strike me as wonderful symbols of mothers – luscious, juicy, fertile, nourishing.


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