Two dolls in progress.  Place markers for heads.  One, punctured metal, letting light through.  One, a paper-pieced hexagon, letting light through.

Now it is dark.  A fire crackles in the next room.  A little snow is falling, but not much.

What would MY body look like if my head let more light through?

My new Abraham/Hicks disk arrived today – maybe I’ll find out!!

8 thoughts on “Bodies

  1. deedeemallon

    Ha! fluffy hair is a good one! Radiating thoughts, though? I’d REALLY have to clean up my act first.

  2. saskia

    hi Dee, uhh don’t know if you have already seen this, but Jude’s Boro class is open again, I signed up today. Have been reading lots of your older posts, what a lot of wonderful things you have made and love reading your thought(processes)s, hilarious at times, it was a lovely journey, still lots more to go.
    Just noticed in your ‘about me’ introduction, you mention having read law, well so have I (don’t really use it for anything these days)…and I too, together with a very knowledgeable friend, initiated and looked after a small educational garden in our sons’/her daughter’s primary school for a couple of years, we did many workshops together with the children, however after our children left school, so did we.

  3. deedeemallon

    thank you, Saskia — I signed up this morning!! See you there!

    How funny that we have both lawyering and gardening in common… it’s not THAT usual, you know?!! How many boys do you have? We have two.

  4. saskia

    we have two boys……….aged 13 and 15 and we have a dog, who’s rather poorly right now, he suffers from arthritis and over the weekend his left leg became severely inflamed and swollen, so he’s had lots of medication and is sleeping a lot! he’s nine, a blond labrador and such a wonderful character, my walking companion…oh well we’ll see.
    hey maybe we are unusual, but I like to think most people have more talents than they dare to express

  5. judy martin

    I laughed when I read you wondering about the head letting light through.

    Reminded me of Leonard Cohen. There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.



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