Monday overwhelm


K’s travel schedule, college financial aid deadlines, multiple doctor’s appointments (thankfully routine) for everyone in family – including the dog today, and the flurry of March birthdays (in my immediate family, there are FIVE), all have me feeling a little overwhelmed!

But I will report some happy news and then look to quilts as a meditation – one can only take one stitch at a time, afterall, can only attach two pieces together at a time.  And, I can breathe while I do that.

The happy news?  C’s 4 x 400mm relay team broke his high school track record two weeks ago; placed third in Massachusetts; placed fourth in New England; and qualified for the Nationals!!!  This is such a nice coup for his senior year!  C has known one of his relay team members since pre-school (age 3), and another since kindergarten!!  I haven’t yet figured out how to attend.  It’s in NYC.


4 thoughts on “Monday overwhelm

  1. serenapotter

    CONGRATS!! I hope you can figure it all out. That is such a special event. I know, as a former high school runner, he’s worked hard! WAY TO GO! And happy birthday everybody!

  2. saskia

    what a lovely house, I adore your houses Dee; and congratulations!! for impressive sporting achievements and all those birthdays


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