Monday overwhelm


K’s travel schedule, college financial aid deadlines, multiple doctor’s appointments (thankfully routine) for everyone in family – including the dog today, and the flurry of March birthdays (in my immediate family, there are FIVE), all have me feeling a little overwhelmed!

But I will report some happy news and then look to quilts as a meditation – one can only take one stitch at a time, afterall, can only attach two pieces together at a time.  And, I can breathe while I do that.

The happy news?  C’s 4 x 400mm relay team broke his high school track record two weeks ago; placed third in Massachusetts; placed fourth in New England; and qualified for the Nationals!!!  This is such a nice coup for his senior year!  C has known one of his relay team members since pre-school (age 3), and another since kindergarten!!  I haven’t yet figured out how to attend.  It’s in NYC.


4 thoughts on “Monday overwhelm

  1. serenapotter

    CONGRATS!! I hope you can figure it all out. That is such a special event. I know, as a former high school runner, he’s worked hard! WAY TO GO! And happy birthday everybody!

  2. serenapotter

    just long distance cross country running. lots and lots of running and around here lots and lots of hills.


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